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Jun 11, 2018

This week, we hit the streets of Rome with our recording equipment to search for ancient artifacts or “spoglie” hidden in plain sight. Rome has been inhabited without interruption for over three thousand of years. A past like that cannot but leave its mark on a city. And if you keep your eyes open, the vestiges of Rome’s ancient past can be found around almost every corner.

From the fluted Corinthian columns walled into the sides of nondescript buildings to the piazza that follows the shape of the ancient stadium it was built upon, from the crumbling Roman buildings that found new life as Renaissance palaces to the fragments of ancient decoration plastered into the walls of medieval buildings…the history of Rome is palpable in its very urban fabric.

You don’t have to visit an archeological site or even a museum to discover the city’s many layers of history. Just take a long rambling walk through Rome’s historic center and you’ll find the tangible ghosts of the ancient city coming to life all around you.

Want to follow along with us? Here’s a list of the stops we make on our passeggiata:

  • Ponte Fabricio
  • Torre dei Caetani (*Note: Tiffany mistakenly refers to it as the Torre dei Crescenzi in the episode. Oops!)
  • Portico Of Octavia
  • Theater of Marcellus (and Palazzo Orsini)
  • Largo di Torre Argentina (and the Cat Sanctuary)
  • Piazza Navona (and Sant'Agnese in Agone Church)
  • Piazza di Pietra and the Temple of Hadrian


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