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Jul 2, 2018

Issues of race and diversity are on everyone’s lips and minds in the United States right now. But people in Italy are just starting to have these conversations. In a country where, until quite recently, everyone had a similar racial make-up, perhaps it simply wasn’t necessary until now.

In an interview with our former intern, first generation Salvadoran American Estrella Gomez, we probe the issues facing an expat of color in a place that is just now getting used to its status as a country that people immigrate to, rather than from. Does Estrella get treated any differently than an expat who can pass for an Italian, like Katy, or one who fits the American racial stereotype, like Tiffany? How has her experience as an expat in Rome differed from ours?

We also ask the question: if your parents were immigrants, do you have the right to move abroad? Does it somehow make their sacrifice less meaningful?

We broach these and other thought-provoking topics on this week’s episode {ETHNICITY}.

Learn more about Estrella Gomez at her blog, La Casa Bloga. You can also find her on InstagramTwitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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