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Aug 28, 2023

Palestinian American poet Hala Alyan and her family fled Kuwait when Saddam invaded. She joins us to explore storytelling, straddling cultures, loneliness, therapy, and what value belongings come to have when you move constantly.

Alyan is also a clinical psychologist and author of Salt Houses.

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Aug 21, 2023

Why are colors brighter when you travel? Why do foreign doctors' offices seem sketchy sometimes? This has more to do with your brain than with reality. Science writer Erik Vance, author of Suggestible You, helps us examine the science behind our brain and its perceptions.



Aug 14, 2023

Do I deserve to live a bigger life? Sarah McColl, author of the memoir Joy Enough, joins us to talk about the beautiful life she discovered while living alongside her dying mother.

In this probing coversation, we also explore how fear, loss, and the expectations of others can limit our potentially terrific lives.


Aug 7, 2023

Why does time fly sometimes? Why does it slow down when you travel? We explore the notion of time with Alan Burdick, author of Why Time Flies.

Alan Burdick is an editor on the Health and Science desk at the New York Times.


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