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Jun 8, 2023

Fries, chocolate, canals, art, gabled houses... what's not to love? 

Fresh off a long weekend in Ghent, Tiffany sings the glories of one of her favorite European towns, and explains why Belgium is Europe's best-kept secret.


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Jun 5, 2023

Looking for the perfect summer read, something light yet introspective and thoughtful that takes place in Rome? You're in luck! This week we are joined by nationally bestselling, award-winning author Liam Callanan to talk about his new book, When in Rome, a "story of an opportunity to start over at midlife, a chance to...

May 31, 2023

School's almost out! Hooray for summer! Aurelio stops by to tell as about his summer plans, and why summer vacation for Italian kids is not quite as freeing as it is for their American counterparts.


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May 29, 2023

Do you ever have days when everything just lines up perfectly? When you couldn't have planned your day to work out in a more ideal if you had had it under your own control?

Those days are rare when you live in Rome, but they do happen! 

In the spirit of serendipity, we let this conversation lead us where it...

May 25, 2023

What makes a place magical? A lot of factors can go into it, but one of them is certainly, as author Jess Walter puts it, when "history connects with the experience you're having." In this case, he's talking about the Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli, the very hotel where we are hosting our magical Roman Adventure this...