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Sep 29, 2022

On the heels of Tiffany's 18th anniversary of moving to Rome, she remenisces about the miserable living situations she found herself in those very first weeks as an expat. Luckily, with the distance of nearly two decades, she can laugh about these memories now instead of cry. 


Sep 26, 2022

Tiffany has officially lived in Rome longer than she has lived anywhere else! As she realizes this milestone, she and Katy reflect on what has changed for her since she made the move abroad, what has stayed the same, how she's grown and what she wished she had done differently.

Katy also asks a big question: do you have...

Sep 22, 2022

We all know what Rome is supposed to look like: towering ruins, baroque majesty, cobblestones, orange buildings, churches everywhere you look.

But Rome has the power to surprise you, even those of us who know her well. On this mini-episode, Tiffany recounts her visit to the tiny and delightful neighborhood of Coppedè...

Sep 19, 2022

As we kick of our tenth season, it got us wondering: why do we do anything for ten years? What keeps us going? How do we keep it fun?

Whether it's a marriage, a job, a life in a foreign country, or a podcast you started on a whim, what makes us do things for THAT LONG? And how do we keep going when it gets...

Sep 15, 2022

The mountains are calling and I must go!

Despite having lived in Seattle the vast majority of her life, Katy is not much of an outdoorsy type. Still, she recently heeded the call of nature (and her partner Derek, whose hiking buddies had canceled on him last minute), to go on a strenuous hiking and camping trip in the...