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Sep 27, 2015

Do expat couples divorce more than other couples? They certainly face different challenges. Writer and former expat, Debra Bruno joins us to talk about her article "Divorce Global Style: For Expat Marriages, Breaking Up is Harder to Do" which appeared on the Wall Street Journal Expat Blog.



Sep 20, 2015

Celebrity chef, Thierry Rautureau (aka The Chef in the Hat), grew up small town France grilling bread over an open flame. Now he's a big shot chef in Seattle. He joins us with advice for home cooks and insight into our changing attitudes towards eating out. Taped before a live studio audience at Cafe Nordo in...

Sep 13, 2015

Robert Horton is a film critic and temporary expat living in Scotland for six months. What movies inspired him to move abroad? How do movies influence our view of the world? Why are blockbusters aimed exclusively at teenagers?


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Sep 6, 2015

Jennifer Rumbach works with refugees all over the world. Lately her focus has been on the special needs of LGBTI refugees. She joins host Katy Sewall before a live studio audience for a funny and fascinating conversation that goes from Ghana, to Iraq, to the earthquake in Nepal.


NEVER HEARD THE SHOW? Don't be afraid...